Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey Association, Since 1946 a youth hockey league in Wallingford, CT that believes in ice hockey as a vehicle for personal growth and establishing life-long friendships.

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  • Hockey is Back - Be Safe, Have Fun, Go Hawks!
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Mission Statement

The Hawks were built to serve and enrich children’s lives with the spirit and excitement found in hockey. We strive to develop better hockey players and even better people through the experiences of youth hockey.

Our goal is to provide children unparalleled opportunities to succeed at any level while providing the developmental tools for their current and future success.

The Hawks are steeped in family values and traditions. We welcome skaters of all abilities, advocate for teamwork and embrace the spirit of competition.


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Need to make a payment? Pay online through your family account or send checks to:

PO Box 644
Wallingford, CT 06492 

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Governor's Mandate 9M
Team Sports on Pause – 11/23/2020 through 1/19/2021   * Pause...
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CHC guidance on COVID 19
  UPDATE ON YOUTH SPORTS GUIDANCE Connecticut issues updated...
Northford Ice Pavilion Covid Policies
Hi Guys Starting this weekend, we will not be allowing any spectators...
Holiday Decorations

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by posted 11/26/2020
Governor's Mandate 9M
Team Sports on Pause – 11/23/2020 through 1/19/2021   * Pause affects all sporting activities except for Collegiate and Professional *   * Masks now required in Gyms and Fitness Centers, no exceptions *     “Team” is defined as a group of more than 4 people jointly engaged in an organized or recreational athletic activity on a court, field, etc.   What is prohibited during Team Sports on Pause: Participation in High Risk Sports (other than conditioning/non-contact drills)All Team scrimmages, competitions, camps, clinics and tournaments (including all interscholastic, “pick-up” games, and other informal athletic activities)Participation in any out-of-state Team practices (including conditioning), competitions, camps, clinics and tournaments by CT residentsParticipation in competitions, camps, clinics, tournaments in CT by out-of-state TeamsTeams are not able to break up into smaller groups to practice or compete (e.g. a 20 person team practicing or competing in groups of 4 or less at the same time and location is not allowed)   What is allowed during Team Sports on Pause: Outdoor Recreation activitiesIndividual and small group training (4 people or fewer)Individual and small group Moderate and Low Risk Sports (4 people or fewer)Gyms (masks now required, no exceptions, minimum 6 foot spacing and other Sector Rule Safeguards) Group Fitness Classes & Dance Studios, Yoga, Martial Arts Instruction, etc.Reduced to 25% capacity (from 50%)Masks now required, no exceptionsSubject to minimum 6 foot spacing and other Sector Rule SafeguardsSchool Gym Classes (No Team sports subject to Pause to be played)Professional and Sanctioned Interscholastic College Sports (Recreational/Club sports on college campuses are subject to Team Sports Pause rules) Risk Categorizations with Associated Sports, National Federation of State High School Associations, Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, May 2020 HIGHER RISK   Sports that involve close, sustained contact between participants, lack of significant protective barriers, and high probability that respiratory particles will be transmitted between participants. Wrestling Martial Arts 11-on-11 Football Rugby Boys Lacrosse Boxing Competitive Cheer Competitive Dance Teams MODERATE RISK   Sports that involve close, sustained contact, but with protective equipment in place that may reduce the likelihood of respiratory particle transmission between participants OR intermittent close contact OR group sports OR sports that use equipment that can’t be cleaned between participants.   Basketball Volleyball Baseball Softball Swimming relays Soccer Water polo Gymnastics Ice hockey Field hockey 7-on-7 football Girls lacrosse Pole vault High jump Long jump Rowing/Crew (with two or more rowers in shell) Tennis (doubles) Racquet sports (squash, pickleball, racquetball) LOWER RISK   Sports that can be done with social distancing or individually with no sharing of equipment or the ability to clean the equipment between use by competitors. Individual running events Throwing events (javelin, shot put, discus) Running/Cross Country (staggered starts) Individual swimming Golf Weightlifting Alpine skiing/ snowboarding Sideline cheer Rowing/Crew (single sculling) Tennis (singles) Fencing  
by posted 11/21/2020
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by posted 11/18/2020
CHC guidance on COVID 19

Connecticut issues updated guidance pertaining to rinks & hockey NOVEMBER 11, 2020
On Thursday, November 5, 2020, Governor Ned Lamont signed Executive Order 9K (CLICK HERE FOR LINK). In that order, effective at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, November 6, 2020, the Governor gave authority to the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development, in consultation with the Connecticut Department of Health (DPH), to establish, in Sector Rules or other rules issued by him, mandatory rules, regulations, and recommendations for the safe conduct of youth sports. Attached please find the updated guidance from the Governor’s office and the DPH regarding youth sports in the state of Connecticut. (CLICK HERE FOR LINK). The DPH issued these sports-specific guidelines on Monday, November 9, 2020.
The State Capital has put hockey ‘under the microscope’. Disregard for this guidance may be subject to fines and shutdowns from various local and State agencies resulting in a much longer shut down. CHC and its member programs are looking to avoid this result.
While we are highlighting some of the changes to the guidance below, we strongly urge everyone to read and understand the expectations. Note as well that, while the source and supporting information referenced from the National Association of State High School Associations refers to “recommendations,” the Governor’s order specifically refers to Rules, implying that these are to be considered mandates.
FACE COVERINGS: Players, coaches and officials are required to wear face coverings at all times, including during play and while on the bench. Acceptable face coverings should follow the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CLICK HERE FOR LINK). Products that are specific to the sport of hockey are understood to be acceptable unless otherwise indicated by local or state health authorities. There is additional information in the following links provided by USA Hockey regarding face coverings and various types of helmet modifications, including “spit guards” (CLICK HERE FOR LINK) and full clear shields (CLICK HERE FOR LINK).
RULE MODIFICATION AND ENFORCEMENT: CHC rules regarding facemasks will generally follow the USA Hockey rules as outlined in Rule 304 Protective Equipment. These rules apply to all players and team officials participating in a game involving at least one CHC member organization.
(a) All players, including goalkeepers, and all team officials are required to wear a face mask or cloth facial covering that completely covers the nose and mouth.
For the first violation of this rule, the team shall be issued a warning. Each subsequent violation by any player of that team during that game shall result in a misconduct penalty for an equipment violation. For a second violation by any team official, a bench minor penalty shall be assessed. Each subsequent violation by any team official shall result in a game misconduct penalty to the offending team official.
(b) If a face mask comes off during play, the on-ice officials shall stop play immediately. The player shall be ruled off the ice and may not participate in the game until completion of the ensuing face-off.
Connecticut issues updated guidance pertaining to rinks & hockey NOVEMBER 11, 2020
(c) Wearing a face mask does not absolve a player from the responsibility of wearing a mouthpiece. Since mouthpieces are not required to be attached to the cage/shield, they can still be worn under a facemask. An official’s duties with regard to enforcing mouthpieces does not change. If an official observes a player on the ice improperly wearing a mouthpiece, regardless of whether or not the player is wearing a face mask, then the procedure under 304f paragraph two shall be followed.
(d) Coaches are responsible for ensuring their players are properly equipped, including face masks and mouthpieces. Officials may ask the coaches to confirm that players are properly equipped during a pre-game meeting. An affirmative answer will eliminate the need to check for mouthpieces under face masks.
SPECTATORS: Facilities (at their discretion) may now allow up to two (2) spectators (parents/adult guardians and/or siblings) per participant, providing that they follow social distancing guidance and the facility remains below 50% of capacity.
GAMES/PRACTICES: Facilities may only allow CHC Member Programs Teams, Players and Participants (including long-standing CHC member programs Pawling & Putnam) to engage in Connecticut-based events held at Connecticut-based facilities (Tier 3 of the Risk Categories assigned to Various Athletic Activities).
MULTIPLE GAMES/TOURNAMENTS: In accordance with Risk Category Tier 4 (multi-team meets and tournaments) DPH also recommends suspending all activities and reconsidering for the Spring 2021 season. At this time, CHC has not eliminated the potential for state tournaments. Rather, we are waiting for further developments and guidance while we continue with the CHC season.
OUT OF STATE COMPETITIONS: In accordance with Risk Category 5, contests involving CHC Member Program Teams, players, and participants vs. non-members (i.e. teams from different states) are not recommended.

by posted 11/12/2020
Northford Ice Pavilion Covid Policies
Hi Guys
Starting this weekend, we will not be allowing any spectators into the facility for practices or games. The start date will be on Saturday, October 31st.  Players and rostered coaches will be allowed in 15 minutes before their ice slots begin.  They will be allowed to use the locker rooms in which we recommend 8 players or less at a time and keep the door open.  Please note that all players should be at least half-dressed and be ready before entering the facility. If assistance is needed please use the coaches and managers for help.  If skaters need help with skates, guardians will be allowed 5-10 minutes in the lobby to assist while using social distancing markers and wearing a mask. They must leave the facility once they are finished.  Also moving forward we have to have coaches wearing a mask at all times including when on the bench or on the ice coaching. It is also recommended that players wear a mask both on and off the ice. We thank you ahead for the cooperation but as you know the sport is in jeopardy of being shut down by the state and we need the cooperation of every organization and visiting team.  Thanks for the help.   
Bill Maniscalco
General Manager
Northford Ice Pavilion
24 Fire Light Place 
Northford CT 06472

by posted 10/30/2020
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