Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey Association, Since 1946 a youth hockey league in Wallingford, CT that believes in ice hockey as a vehicle for personal growth and establishing life-long friendships.

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Date Home Team Day Start Time Away Team Rink Level
5-Oct Hawks Blue Thur 7:30 PM GNH Gray Northford M
5-Oct Hawks Red Thur 8:50 PM West Haven Northford M
6-Oct Riverhawks Fri 5:30 PM GNH   Northford SA
6-Oct Hawks Fri 6:40 PM Watertown Northford SB
6-Oct Hawks Fri 7:50 PM Watertown Northford PA
6-Oct Hawks Fri 9:00 PM W. Hartford A1 Northford BA
6-Oct Hawks Fri 5:30 PM GNH Northford PB
6-Oct Shoreline Sharks Fri 6:40 PM Stars Northford G
6-Oct Ice Cats Fri 7:50 PM Wolves Northford G
6-Oct Hawks Fri 9:00 PM W. Hartford B Northford BB
6-Oct Central Fri 6:40 PM Wall. Hawks Northford SA
6-Oct Yale Fri 7:50 PM Central Northford PB
6-Oct Wizards Fri 9:00 PM Yale 04 Northford BA
7-Oct Yale Sat 7:40 AM GNH Northford PB
7-Oct Stars Sat 8:50 AM Wolves Northford G
7-Oct Hawks Sat 10:00 AM ECHO Northford SB
7-Oct GNH Sat 11:10 AM Hawks Northford SA
7-Oct Mites Sat 12:20 PM Mites Northford Mite A
7-Oct W. Hartford A1 Sat 2:00 PM Dixhills Northford BA
7-Oct Hawks Sat 3:10 PM SEC Northford BB
7-Oct Watertown Sat 4:20 PM Putnam Northford PA
7-Oct CT Nighthawks Sat 5:30 PM Yale 04 Northford BA
7-Oct ECHO Sat 6:40 PM Putnam Northford SB
7-Oct SEC Sat 7:50 PM GNH Northford BB
7-Oct Central Sat 7:00 AM Yale Northford SA
7-Oct Watertown Sat 8:10 AM Putnam Northford SB
7-Oct GNH Sat 9:20 AM West Hartford Northford BB
7-Oct Putnam Black Sat 10:40 AM Hawks Full Northford M
7-Oct Putnam Sat 12:00 PM CT Nighthawks Northford BA
7-Oct   Sat 1:10 PM   Northford  
7-Oct CT Wolfpack Sat 2:30 PM Riverhawks - Gold Northford M
7-Oct Hawks Sat 3:50 PM Central Northford PB
7-Oct Shoreline Sharks Sat 5:00 PM Ice Cats Northford G
7-Oct Hawks Red Sat 6:10 PM Riverhawks Gold Northford M-18
7-Oct Hawks Full Sat 7:30 PM Riverhawks White Northford M
7-Oct Wolfpack Sat 8:50 PM West Haven Northford M-18
7-Oct Hawks Blue Sat 9:40 AM Riverhawks Blue Northford M
7-Oct Riverhawks A1 Sat 11:00 AM GNH Northford PB
7-Oct Hawks Sat 12:10 PM Watertown Northford BA
7-Oct Riverhawks White Sat 1:20 PM Dixhills Northford M-16
7-Oct Hawks Sat 2:40 PM Yale '06 Northford PA
7-Oct Yale Sat 3:50 PM SEC Northford PB
7-Oct Putnam Sat 5:00 PM Wizards Northford BA
7-Oct Dixhills Sat 6:10 PM Putnam Black Northford M-16
7-Oct Avon A1 Sat 7:30 PM Riverhawks Northford SA
7-Oct GNH Gray Sat 8:40 PM Putnam Red Northford M
8-Oct Avon A1 Sun 7:40 AM Hawks Northford SA
8-Oct Putnam Red Sun 8:50 AM Riverhawks Blue Northford M
8-Oct West Haven Sun 10:10 AM Riverhawks Gold Northford M
8-Oct CT Wolfpack Sun 11:30 AM Hawks Red Northford M
8-Oct Putnam Sun 12:50 PM Yale 04 Northford BA
8-Oct Mites Sun 2:00 PM Mites Northford MITE B
8-Oct Hawks Sun 3:20 PM GNH Northford BB
8-Oct W. Hartford B Sun 4:30 PM SEC Northford BB
8-Oct Riverhawks A1 Sun 5:40 PM SEC Northford PB
8-Oct Hawks Sun 6:50 PM Putnam  Northford PA
8-Oct Watertown Sun 8:00 PM Yale 06 Northford PA
8-Oct Hawks Sun 9:10 PM Dixhills Northford BA
8-Oct Hawks Sun 7:45 AM Putnam Northford SB
8-Oct Hawks Sun 8:55 AM SEC Northford PB
8-Oct Central Sun 10:05 AM Riverhawks Northford SA
8-Oct GNH Sun 11:15 AM Yale Northford SA

CT Nighthawks

Sun 12:25 PM Wizards Northford BA
8-Oct Watertown Sun 1:35 PM ECHO Northford SB
8-Oct Riverhawks - Blue Sun 2:45 PM GNH - Grey Northford M
8-Oct Watertown Sun 9:50 AM Dixhills Northford BA
8-Oct Putnam Sun 11:00 AM Yale 06 Northford PA
8-Oct Wolves Sun 12:10 PM Shoreline Sharks Northford G
8-Oct Central A-1 Sun 1:20 PM Riverhawks A1 Northford PB
8-Oct Ice Cats Sun 2:30 PM Stars Northford G
8-Oct W. Hartford A1 Sun 3:40 PM Watertown Northford BA
8-Oct Yale Sun 4:50 PM Avon A1 Northford SA
8-Oct Riverhawks White Sun 6:00 PM Putnam Black Northford M-16
8-Oct Hawks Blue Sun 7:20 PM Putnam Red Northford M-18
8-Oct Dixhills Sun 8:40 PM Hawks Full Northford M-16