Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey Association, Since 1946 a youth hockey league in Wallingford, CT that believes in ice hockey as a vehicle for personal growth and establishing life-long friendships.

Sponsored By:   Cheshire Sport/Hamden Sport
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Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey

21st  Annual Columbus Fall Classic Tournament

October 8th to October 12th, 2020





1.     All teams must be USA Hockey registered.


2     All players must wear proper equipment in accordance to USA Hockey.


3.    The tournament will furnish all timekeepers and scorekeepers for all games.


4.    All teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before a scheduled game.


5.    All games have a brief warm-up period prior to their start.


6.    All Round Robin games in the tournament will consist of three twelve-minute (12) stop time periods.  For the Championship and Crossover ( Semi-Final) Games Only, 15 minute periods for Bantam A & B, and Pee Wee A & B, 15:00 minutes periods for Midgets.  Mites will play a cross ice jamboree and are not subject to stop and start game times and no score will be kept.  Tag-up rules for off side will apply for Bantam and Midget level.


                        Round Robin Period Length & Penalty Times will be as follows:

              Squirt Level          12:00 Min. Period      1:00 Min. Minor       6:00  Min. Major

              PW & Bantam       12:00 Min. Period      1:30 Min. Minor      10:00 Min. Major

              Midget                   12:00 Min Period      1:30 Min. Minor       10:00 Min  Major 

                      Championship and Crossover (Semi Final) Games ONLY 

               Squirt                    12.00 Min Period      1:00 Min Minor         6:00 Min Major

              PW & Bantam       12:00 Min. Period      1:30 Min. Minor      10:00 Min. Major

              Midget                   12:00 Min. Period      1:30 Min. Minor      10:00 Min. Major

7.     If at any time during the third period there is a lead of six goals or more, running time shall     commence  and shall revert back to stop time if the difference  becomes less that six goals.  Clock will stop for injuries in the event of running time.


8.     No time-outs allowed during the preliminary games.


9.     One time out per team will be allowed in Semi-Final and Championship games.  In the event of overtime, 1 timeout is allowed in each overtime period.  Any unused timeouts are NOT carried over to the next period.


10.   Each team will play a minimum of three games.


11.   There will be no overtime in round robin play, tie stands.  Overtime will occur in championship and semi-final games only.  See rule # 14 for OT format.


12.   Defaulted games, if any, will result in the awarding of a 3-0 win to the opponents of the defaulting Team.




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13.    Tie Breakers:


        In the event of a tie within the bracket, the following is the tie breaker order:

a.  Most points - two points for a win, one point for a tie, zero points  for a loss

b.  Best record against opponent involved in tie.

                 c.  Fewest goals allowed.

                 d.  Most goals scored.

                 e.  Fewest penalty minutes.



      Please note that a maximum goal differential of 7 per game will be counted for standings

      purposes.  ie..  a 10-1 win credits the winning team with a 7 goal differential, not 9.




14.     Determining division winners in championship and semi-final games in case of ties:

               a.    Five minute sudden death overtime period of four on four.

               b.   A second five-minute sudden death overtime period of three on three

               c.   If still tied after going three on three, penalty shoot out.

                     Five players chosen by coach, shoot.  Team with fewest Penalty minutes in           Championship game gets first shot. If tied, coin toss will determine first shot. 

               e.   If still tied after first sudden death penalty shoot out, five new players will be chosen.



15.    Handshakes at the end of each game shall occur at the discretion of the referees.


16.    No fighting will be allowed or tolerated. Referees will be instructed to eject any player who engages in fighting.


17.    Zero tolerance rules will be in effect.


18.    Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated, either on the ice, or in the stands. 

         Spectators violating this rule will be asked to leave.


19.    Teams will abide by Connecticut Hockey Conference rules regarding excessive penalties.  If a team has 15 or more penalties, then that Team’s Head coach serves a one game suspension.


20.     Rules 7 & 8 alter official CHC game protocol, and as such, in accordance with CHC By-Laws, these tournament games are not included as CHC State Tournament qualifying  games.

  • Covid Policies for Tournament: ​​
  • Live Barn will be active for tournament 
  • Teams to enter rink 15 minutes prior to scheduled game time
  • 1 spectator in rink per participant ( Observe maximum  Covid-19 capacity per rink at all times) 
  • Masks must be worn by players off the ice, to and from lockerrooms 
  • Goalies will be allowed into rinks 5 minutes prior to other team members 
  • Masks must be worn by spectators, time keepers, score keepers at all times. Failure to do so will result in violation of state statues 
  • Rink rules apply in terms of: no tailgating, participants must come into rink dressed ( skates and helmets can be put on in rink) 
  • Rinks and lockerroooms will be sanitized between every game
  • If you feel sick or child feels ill prior to entering the rink ( please stay home ) contact your coach or parent manager
  • Please stand at least 6' apart while watching games
  • Please be aware of the traffic flow pattern arrows and exit/enter signs throughout the rink


21.     Enjoy the game and let the players have fun playing.  This rule applies to everyone.